Hosting your own site – VPS Cloud Tutorial

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Let’s take our site building skills to the next level, offering our clients top notch hosting with their new state of the art website.

All in all, you will learn to create the infrastructural you need to start building in WordPress. Let’s go!

Opening a new account on a VPS cloud provider

The cloud provider is the company we’ll be using, to host our servers on the internet.

We have partnered up with DigitalOcean, to provide you with a special discount – sign up and get 100 USD to use for hosting. Note: 100 USD credit given is for 60 days = that’s 2 months free essentially!

Follow the steps shown in the video:

Setting up a new hosting machine (coming soon)

Redirecting website domain to point to that machine (coming soon)

Securing the machine (coming soon)

Installing WordPress (coming soon)

Configuring cache plugin (coming soon)

Sharon Shaked

Sharon Shaked

The WooCommerce Express team

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